Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to create significant web traffic with newspaper websites - A great way to get some initial exposure for your internet articles and links

This is how to create significant website traffic with newspaper websites quickly.

Have you ever wondered how websites get a lot of traffic right from day one, instead of taking weeks, months or years to pick up significant traffic.

What they do is write valuable internet content in the form of informative articles, free software info. Things that will attract visitors to take a quick look. Free information with a good headline is great.

Now where to post these links online?! How about online city newspapers such as or and many, many others.

What you do is have a website address ready that you want to promote that has some free valuable or interesting info.

When you go to the major newspaper websites, they will often allow you to post comments on the stories and articles in their publication. You want to post relevant comments on the stories that get the most exposure and have the most controversy.

Remember to post your comment and then follow with something like, "For more info on this topic visit" or whatever website it is that you are promoting.

Always post the full URL address along with the http:// and whenever possible, make your URL into a text link... many times major sites will allow you to post a link back to your site as a footer for all of your postings and you will probably get away with posting all kinds of comments that will most definitely get you many extra visitors.

A diligent effort for an hour or more in the early morning, posting good relevant comments on interesting, high traffic online newspaper articles could bring you as many as 50-500 extra individual visitors that day and perhaps for days or even weeks into the future.

For example, I might see an article about a rock band playing at a local venue or an article related to music and I will post a comment of opinion, maybe even something controversial or surprising and then post a link to my site on free online guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate players.

Remember that there are different places online you can do this type of exposure for your website, this just happens to be a great starting poing, but remember also that people don't just stay on web pages that are just shopping oriented trying to sell something, so the most important thing is that your content is of interest to people so that way you are not considered to be a spammer, but rather an intellectual business person or the such.

Also, keep in mind that there are many forums online in which you can place comments and that like that will be posted and visible to descent traffic for years to come....each online placement is "residual traffic" if that makes sense.

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